Weekly post 11

Reflect on your experience in the course, your development of PLN, your use of social media platforms and networked publics. Note any changes in your perspective of social media in professional settings and personal use. Submit a closing blog post about your experience and consider how you can pivot your PLN into your next steps.

In this course, I have learned a lot about personal learning network, and I have started my own as well. Most importantly, we learned how communicate and exchange our ideas with each other through personal learning network. Moreover, we also learned how encourage each other by leaving those amazing comments, which help us to improve a lot. During the class, we have used a platform called matter most to share our post with our classmate, and I always inspired by those very thoughtful post. But I think that what I really learned in this course is the value of collaboration, the value of one and one equals three, and not having all the answers yourself. During the Covid-19 pandemic, people are stuck at home; therefore, social media becomes more and more important. Having a personal learning network not only can brings new ideas, but also it can provide many opportunities. My grandfather used to say that you never know what is coming next, but we have to get prepared to hold those opportunities when it comes. In my opinion, building a good PLN is the best way to get prepared. In China, PLN already becomes a way of business, and it can create direct profit. As I learned media literacy, I know who to respect other, and always brings the positive energy to other. In my opinion, becoming successful is about helping others. More people you helped determines how success you will be in the future. Therefore, I will keep building my Personal learning network in the future. I am planning to started my YouTube channel soon, and I will consistently update my blog post. 

weekly post 10

Consider how you can use the PLN interactions of this course to further your digital identity post-term?    

After taking this course, I start noticed that personal PLN can be so helpful to our career and study career, and it is a great tool to share information and experiences. we have learned how to build our own PLN on the platform called WordPress; we also create many posts under the instructions during the course, which gives us a great example of how to maintain our PLN. Also, WordPress is a great open platform that can be use for your opinion expression. In the return, I can learn many things from many great comments. Those interactions create benefits for both of author and reader.  

What does it mean to have a digital identity in your industry of choice and can your current PLN be used to help professional development post-course?

As a university student, having a digital identity in my industry of choice is like having business card for yourself on social media, which helps people to identify who you are on the internet, and getting know you more before the interview(meeting). As a student, we can create many posts on learning, and working experiences in order to get more idea of future career planning. Moreover, those interactions can bring a good reputation to you, which can provide many opportunities in the future. Therefore, I believe that my current PLN be used to help professional development post-course.

Additionally, as you progress through the steps of your career, can your PLN be relied on to open professional opportunities?

No doubt, PLN can be relied on to professional opportunities. For example, a graduate student who wants to apply his first job. Employers can get the first impression before interviews by checking out his PLN. At this point, a thoughtful and nice PLN page can gives he extra credit for job applying. Moreover, Social media helps people to increase their network connection, which provide more chance and opportunities for graduate students.

weekly post 9

What is media literacy? Why is so important? Why is it dismissed?

Nowadays, Social media is the major way of information exchange. People from anywhere can communicate each other though the social media. With technology moving forward, people have more ways to obtain information, and we have many big Social media platform like Facebook, Instagram. However, the information is not always true and valid on social media, and some information like fake news can easily to misleading people’s mind. As time move forward, social media has huge impact on the young generation. Media literacy is more like a regulation and framework to access, analyze, evaluate and creating messages. As social media becomes the only place that people receive information(news). In especially, young kids started to blindly believe anything from social media, which brings many risks to our young generation. Therefore, people not only need filtering different content with social literacy, but also should have ability to thinking critically while we receiving information on social media. Information spreads very fast on Social media; therefore, big amount of information cannot always be verified.

Why should you aim for varied views but the factual consensus in your PLN?

Social media is an open accessed platform for everyone, and Not everyone has the same voice on a topic. However, we do need different voices on the social media in order to improve. Publisher will have better solution to something by listening people’s advices from different perspective. Therefore, In my PLN, I will encourage people to get involved, and share their opinion, no matter is approbatory comments or criticize.

Open dialogues about media literacy and factual information can create conflict, why does this happen?

Different people have different opinions base on their education, knowledge, and environment background. the users can demonstrate Media Literacy through aiming for varied views and factual consensus. Sometimes, people need to ensure that the information is reliable and accurate, but it is very difficult to get one reliable accurate when there are too many voices outside. Therefore I think that creates the major conflict.

What is the benefit of having a PLN that values media literacy?

Nowadays, people are extremely reliant on internet (social media) to receiving information. Having a PLN that values media literacy can benefit the most of users by making information more accurate. Also media literacy aims to eliminate thing like cyber-violence, and pornographic information, which creates a better social media environment for young generation.

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Weekly post 8

– How does the use of PLN raise awareness opportunities in education? Personal

learning network creates great environment for everyone to share their knowledge and ideas. In 2021, education is not limited in the classroom. With Covid -19 pandemic, university are closed, and the most of student are learning from home. We know that face to face learning is currently the most successful teaching method, but advances in technology might change our learning method in the future. With online learning, PLN allow us to interact with each other. For example, platform such as YouTube, and matter most are very useful to our education; it brings many conveniences to our students.

– What is the role of social media in education? Social media plays very important

role in education for both students and educator. It not only provides convenience for education progress, but also provide better learning method. On students’ side, student can access the learning materials any time before the deadline, which is very flexible for them. Also, students can choose the time they feel comfortable to absorb knowledge, which is more efficient way. On the educator side. They have more time on induvial student who need help. Over all, social media play an important and positive role in education.       

– What are some problems with social media communications in education settings?

The problem with social media communications in education settings is student can identify, and a big amount of information cannot always be verified. Also, many bad information on social media is not classifies, which any one can have access for that. Some students will blindly believe anything from social media, which bring many risks to our young generation.


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weekly post 7 Balancing PLN & Public Discourse

Social media can be helpful in creating opportunities and creating new connection with people. Which can benefit people’s careers in the long-term period. Moreover, it can also help people to maintains the old connections. For example, our guest speaker Jody Vance got the job she wants in Sport television show by creating new connection with people. Social media is a double edge sword, and it can cause some side effect. For example, some negatively comments may give you more pressures, and social media may complicate things by making people’s personal information become public. At meantime, social media can exposes people’s strength as well due to Jody Vance’s word. More exposure brings more opportunity as well, and people need to have a clear mind to balancing those benefits and cost in order to get best result. Building a PLN is a good way to increase exposure to the public, and it is a very good chance to show your abilities and advantages to someone who can appreciate you. For the employer social media policy, I totally agree with Jody Vance’s opinion about don’t across the line we already set. Again, people have to balance benefits and costs before making any decisions in order to hit the best result. There are many unfriendly voices like negative replies on social media as well, Sometimes, we should be open to criticism and good suggestions, and ignore the bad stuff. I agree with the Jody Vance’s point that building a good reputation is very hard, but it can be suddenly destroyed. Over all I think we should speak and act cautiously on social media (PLN) to minimizing the risk in sharing improper information.


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Weekly post 6

Community engagement is public communications – what are the benefits of a diverse and inclusive PLN in social media sharing that understands where you are coming from with messaging that impacts the community?

There are many benefits by using PLN in social media, and it is the fastest way to spread your ideas to others. People can easily have more follower if they have good idea and useful information on their PLN. Moreover, social media has huge impact on public communication. People are free to share their idea with others online, and it is the most effective way to get everyone involved in the communities. As technology developed, the information exchange is much faster than before. For example, the quickest way of receiving information and news is watching tv in 20 years ago. As time passed social media becomes an information exchange platform with no geographical restrictions and has contributed huge impact on advocacy communities. In other words, people can learn many different thing or experience from other advocacy communities, which can push the community forward to the next level.

– How does social media engage in advocacy communications?
Social media can be extremely useful if people have good judgement. In other words, people have to distinguish between right and wrong because there are many fake news on social media. Sometime, social media can be a double-edged sword.

How to better use social media to Build PLN – Influencers & Commentators
In my opinion, A good PLN depends on its content. A useful content often makes whole PLN attractive. Moreover, giving your own thought is very important as well.

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Weekly Post 5


PLN stand for Personal Learning Network, and it is an informal group of people who you learn things from on a regular basis (Bianca,2013). Moreover, we can understand PLN as platform for group of people to exchange information and idea to help you learn things. PLN can be built very easy as social media developed well. However, PLN has many disadvantages as well. For example, there are many fake news and information on PLN, and some of them can mislead people to a wrong direction. Therefore, the knowledges and information cannot be 100% trust, and people need to have a clear mind to analyzed information. I want my PLN becomes a platform of information exchange that can benefit and help everyone with useful information. During my university study life, I want share many experiences on learning skills.


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Weekly Post 3


What digital platforms are students currently using to develop their professional network?

Nowadays, students can use many digital platforms such as YouTube, Indeed. LinkedIn, and Google to develop their professional network. Some of the digital platforms like Google and YouTube has huge impact on student’s learning. Students can get all the information they need for research paper from google. For digital platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, it can help student to find job, and it is also a great platform for employers. Therefore, student will have more opportunity, and their professional network can be developed as well.
What can you (as a student) consider to expand your professional learning network?

As a student, I often use google and YouTube to expand my professional learning network. There are “infinite” resources on Google you can use for your research. Moreover, YouTube can be other Great platform that expand my professional learning network. For example, there are many Videos on YouTube that can guide me through all different question.

In your network, how can you create a digital identity/reputation?

Creating digital Identity/ reputation requires Frequent participation online, which means I have to contribute a lot like leave thoughtful common under other people’s blog.

Consider what a local employer would do if you applied for a job with them – can they search the content, is it of benefit to the career path, does it hinder the opportunity of employment?

In my opinion, All the employers want to hired a person with positive energy and good reputation. A good reputation in digital world can creates a very good impression before the interview, which can increase the probability of job applied. However, Positive reputation in digital world is just a bonus mark for everyone, and it is not requirement for most of the jobs.

Weekly Post 2

– What is a digital identity?

Digital identity is a form of information which will upload and saved online for many types of use like Facebook, and eBay. It includes your birthday and address sexual, and other personal information. There are mainly two types of digital identity: digital attributes and digital activates. Digital attributes are about fixed personal information like date of birth and ID number, Digital activates are about history of online activates like purchase history, and Downloading app.

– How do personal versus professional approaches to digital identity

In my opinion, digital identity developed social media in a good way. Nowadays everyone can use express their ideas and thoughts by using many social media app like tiktok because of the digital identity. It helped us to broaden our way of absorb information, and it pushed social media forward into other level.

– How do digital identities converge in networked publics – what are the impacts and/or benefits? – Can a digital wallet provide trust in networked publics?

With the development of technology and intensification of market competition, personal digital identities and wallet is very secure way to interact each other, and for sure that digital wallet can provide trust in networked publics. Digital identities can be use as big data analysis as well. Therefore the public can get a roughly picture of taste of what’s to come.

weekly post 1

What does it mean to network using social media?

Network has huge impact on people’s daily life, and we received a lot of information form internet. In my opinion, network makes everything become closer, and it seems like become major connection between our families, friends, classmates. Social media provide a platform which makes everyone can receive all kind of information from different area even from other people’s hand. The combination of social media and network becomes the major platform of information exchange.

How are we motivated to participate in networked publics?  

Network publics is a double edge sword. The key of keeping network environment clean is to avoid fake news and posts. Those fake news can lead people’s mind into a wrong position which can encourage people to make mistakes in the real life. We should use networked as platform to pass positive energy.

What are the risks & rewards of public communications?

Again, public communications can be use as platform of fake news to spread. It will mislead people’s mind, and it can create troublous activities in our real life. For example, many news was reported that coronavirus is kind of flu and it will disappear anytime soon. Those kind of new made a huge health crisis around world. However, there are many rewards as well if we use network in a right way.


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